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Let’s get Vulnerable!

This one today is near and dear to my heart.

Please join me on this journey to greater connection, vulnerability and authenticity.

I invite you to be really REAL with yourself right now, I’m going to show you how, because I’m right there with you.

It doesn’t get much more real than this exercise I’m going to share with you.

The more real you can be the better.

The more honest the better.

The deeper you go with this, the more you will get out of it yourself.

I’m here to support you through this one.

Follow Up: 3 Words to add into your Vocabulary


My last post Please remove these words from your vocabulary was a bit of a rant about some words we use far too frequently without thinking about the implications or the damage we may cause others.

As a result, I asked for some words to be removed from your vocabulary: crazy, emotional, psycho.

It seems only fair that I suggest a few words to use instead. Continue reading “Follow Up: 3 Words to add into your Vocabulary”

3 Tips to Begin Acting Authentically


As part of my coaching training, I’m learning right now to talk less and listen more.  It is important to hear the message behind the words that are being spoken.  Often times, the words coming out of someone’s mouth has a much deeper meaning below the surface.

What this means is that the person speaking is not living in alignment with their authentic self and is probably also conflicted or confused about what they really want.
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