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It’s time to get off the wheel!

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I love metaphors.

I find when working with people that metaphors are so much easier to grasp, especially when we’re working with really fuzzy concepts that don’t have a physical way to grasp onto them.

So I use metaphors ALL the time with my clients.

Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes more serious, some a little gruesome, and yet what they all have in common is the uncanny ability to lead someone to an “aha” moment or a “huh, I’ve never seen it that way before.”

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Love Yourself, Love Others


This upcoming weekend two of my dear friends are tying the knot, so naturally my heart is aflutter with loving thoughts and my brain is thinking about love in all its many and beautiful forms.

Romantic love, familial love, platonic love, self love, which I may venture to say the root of all other types of love. (Check out A Lesson on Self Love for more).  Continue reading “Love Yourself, Love Others”

5 Signs You May be Standing in Your Own Way


Sometimes in life, we feel completely stuck and we can’t quite figure out the “Why” of the matter.

We desperately want to move forward, but something big, vague and just at the edge of our consciousness is keeping us back. Keeping us small.

If any of these ring true for you, the answer may actually be You. Continue reading “5 Signs You May be Standing in Your Own Way”

Using Mind Control… On Yourself

When was the last time you drove somewhere, got to your destination, and didn’t remember the drive itself? You probably took turns, stopped at lights, maybe even waved at a friendly neighbor, but you have no recollection of the actual path.  

Thinking about it probably freaks you out a bit, but what if you think about how much of your life have you lived through habit instead of conscious choice?  Maybe half-heartedly listening to a friend talk, but really thinking about your response, or ordering the same thing off the menu without hearing what the specials were. Continue reading “Using Mind Control… On Yourself”

3 Tips to Begin Acting Authentically


As part of my coaching training, I’m learning right now to talk less and listen more.  It is important to hear the message behind the words that are being spoken.  Often times, the words coming out of someone’s mouth has a much deeper meaning below the surface.

What this means is that the person speaking is not living in alignment with their authentic self and is probably also conflicted or confused about what they really want.
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